MedSocket is a health IT company dedicated to supplying healthcare providers access to needed information at the point of care


Clinical Decision Support

Our clinical decision support system is designed to improve patient care for chronic health conditions, enhance provider efficiency during patient consultations, and reduce transcription errors. Our tools can be customized to fit each health system's electronic health record and unique patient population.

Information Retrieval

In order to treat patients as effectively as possible, physicians need quick access to high-quality, specialized information from varied sources (clinical, organizational, and more).

1-Search is a patented, clinically oriented solution that provides access to needed information at the point of care.



MedSocket is a premier provider of health information technology solutions that aid in healthcare decision-making, enhance provider and organization efficiency, and reduce medical costs. MedSocket seeks to build an effective healthcare system by:

  • Dramatically improving timely access to and retrieval of the best available clinical reference information, organizational information, and patient data at the point of care.

  • Providing the optimal platform with clinical decision support tools, and information retrieval and management functionality for healthcare workers to easily digitize, store, retrieve, and share their personal knowledge.

  • Creating efforts to create a sustainable digital infrastructure by adopting interoperability standards, for the purpose of improving healthcare across communities and diverse populations from data sharing and collaboration among all stakeholders.

  • Supporting the pursuit of effective use of electronic health records and other health information technologies.


Healthcare Providers
  • Better inform decision making

  • Point-of-care access

  • Save time

Hospitals and Clinics
  • Improve provider and patient satisfaction

  • Reduce readmission rates

Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Sponsor health IT innovations

  • Increase patient assistance program awareness


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