1-Click Decision Support (1-CDS) – a patented clinical decision support tool that integrates evidence-based guidelines into patient-specific context using real-time data analysis at the point of care.



We collaborated with leading medical experts to summarize the best available evidence-based guidelines into user-friendly decision algorithms that includes:


  • Personalized treatment guidelines that incorporates individual patient data into the latest clinical evidence, indicating exactly where in the guideline a patient falls.

  • Alerts that notify the healthcare providers in real-time of the status of critical health and performance measures.

  • Automated risk calculators, such as the ACA/AHA ASCVD risk calculator, that instantly calculate a patient’s risk, reducing transcription errors and saving time.



Regardless of your EHR system, we offer seamless integration options that best suit each health system’s clinical workflow that:


  • Maximize the value of 1-CDS access and use of evidence-based guidelines at the point of care.

  • Minimize alert fatigue and workflow disruption.

  • Customization of alerts, treatment protocols and data analytic dashboards.