Seamless information retrieval that provides point of care access to disparate content sources can potentially improve healthcare decisions, enhance efficiency, decrease healthcare costs, and improve patient outcomes.

​1-Search is an innovative information retrieval system that leverages patented features to meet the diverse information needs that arise in the clinical workflow.

Primary features include:

  • Presence in electronic health record (EHR) workflow

  • Customized aggregation of for institution's licensed medical content providers and intranet

  • Clinical specialty-specific (e.g. family medicine, pediatrics, cardiology, etc.) user profiles that rank and display results relevant to the provider

​1-Search EHR widget


MedSocket of Missouri, Inc. has been awarded a milestone driven $931,685 SBIR Phase II grant (R44LM011590) to be awarded over 2016 to 2018 from the National Library of Medicine of National Institutes of Health. The grant will help fund the continued development and evaluation of 1-Search, a medical search engine that integrates into the electronic health record (EHR) system and provide point of care access to needed information for improving healthcare decisions and patient outcomes. As part of this award, MedSocket will be working with the University of Illinois-Chicago Health System to scale and launch 1-Search system-wide within their EHR system.